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Out in the moonlight just like we used to do

I'm always walking after midnight searching for you

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Name:Elijah Meriwether Autenberry
Elijah Meriwether Autenberry
Watching the world burn down...
Elijah and Emily Autenberry were born to a weathy family. The only children born, Emily first followed by Elijah. Emily was always shy and hid behind her brother. While he protected her from everything he could. As they grew older life did as it would and tore them apart. Emily was married off and Elijah was soon to marry into another wealthy family but he made a fatal mistake. He snuck into his sisters house and found that her husband who had kept her away from the family had been draining her and giving her blood to a 'friend of the family' A Venture named Jakob, who was none other then godfather to the twins.

It was suppose to be the night of Emily's embrace as her husband had sold her over to Jakob, but pulling some strings quickly he had both twins in the palm of his hand. The change, changed both twins. Emily became more arrogant and wanted the world focused on her. While Elijah stayed quiet and watched of course his ego never went away but he took to the life of a vampire well. He had the same diet as their sire, only pretty women.

The twins became Jakob's protectors for the first century they were alive. Nearly inseparable, that is until Jakob took Emily as his bride. Elijah found it distasteful and left their side going to work for a prince in Las Vegas once he reached the new world he did not hear from his sire or sister again. Not until he saw their names listed for a blood hunt. They had murdered a prince. From then on his time was spent looking for them. He wanted to kill them with his own hands.

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