Extended powers; Presence level 2

Date: 2014-08-16 12:10 am (UTC)
walkingaftermidnight: (Chair)
Awe: Awe is very simple. Once the vampire employs this power, those who are near him or her want to be closer to him or her. It is an immediate and intense attraction, but not so overpowering that those afflicted lose their sense of self-preservation. Danger breaks the spell of fascination, as does leaving the area. Victims will remember how they felt, though, and this will affect their reactions should they ever encounter the vampire again. Awe is extremely useful in mass communication. It does not matter what is said - the hearts of those affected will lean towards the user's opinion. The weak want to agree with the vampire; the strong-willed soon find themselves outnumbered.

Dread Gaze: This power engenders unbearable terror in its victims. Dread Gaze, like the legendary hypnotism of the cobra, stupefies the victim into madness, immobility or reckless flight. To use this power, the vampire merely shows the mark of Caine upon him or her - bearing claws and teeth, hissing loudly and with malice. Any vampire can do this, but students of this Discipline are more insanely terrifying than mere sight can explain.
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